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  Highlights of Achivements
Highlights of Achivements

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2017-10-16 New Study Reveals the Molecular Basis of Salt Tolerance and High Nutritional Value of Quinoa
2017-10-12 Explanation of regenerative inability in the mature organs of cereals
2017-10-11 Scientists Dissect Molecular Mechanism of Heterochromatin-mediated RNA Processing in Plants
2017-10-09 Armed Gut Bacteria in Mosquitoes: a New Weapon of Fighting Malaria
2017-09-18 SIPPE Partners with University of Illinois to Catalyze Photosynthetic Improvements and Increase Yields
2017-09-06 Floury3, a newly found regulator for maize endosperm development and filling
2017-09-06 Fungal LysM effectors deregulate insect immune responses
2017-08-30 Scientists unveils a key gene related to starch metabolism and storage root growth in root crop cassava
2017-08-30 Lateral Roots with Different Initiation Paths
2017-08-27 2017 Frontiers in Fusarium-Host Interactions Workshop held in Shanghai
2017-08-25 Scientists elucidate the whole biosynthesis pathway of baicalein in Scutellaria baicalensis
2017-08-21 Tracing the Evolutionary History of the Sweet Potato
2017-08-10 New Study Shows that Decreasing Antenna Size of Photosystem can Improve Canopy Photosynthetic Efficiency
2017-08-07 New Light for Crop Breeding by Cracking Major Determinants of Mesophyll Conductance
2017-08-07 Novel Findings on Leaf Photosynthetic Rate under Low Light as a Major Determinant of Biomass Production

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