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  Highlights of Achivements
Highlights of Achivements

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2017-04-21 Scientists Reveal a Novel Function of SnRK2 Protein Kinases in Regulation of miRNA Biogenesis
2017-04-19 Oleaginous Yeast Serves as a β-carotene Cell Factory
2017-04-12 CAS Scientists Reveal Critical Genes in the Biosynthesis of Huperzine A through Global Transcriptome Analysis of Huperzia serrata
2017-04-06 CAS researchers identify plant sesterterpene synthases and their functional products
2017-03-24 CAS researchers reveal the structure and mechanism of a group-I cobalt energy coupling factor transporter
2017-03-23 CAS scientists apply CRISPR-Cpf1, a new class 2 CRISPR system, for multiplex gene editing in rice
2017-03-23 CAS researchers combine CRISPR/Cas9 system and germinivirus for homology-directed repair in rice
2017-03-21 CAS scientists reveal important discovery and breeding application of a super yield allele in rice
2017-03-13 CAS scientists make new advances about the nuclear speckle research of plant cells
2017-02-09 Durable and broad-spectrum disease resistance and yield balance controlled by paired antagonistic receptors in rice
2017-01-18 Scientists identify L-lysine decarboxylases from Huperzia serrata in the biosynthesis of huperzine A
2017-01-12 Regulatory mechanism of age-regulated dynamics of plant insect resistance
2016-12-19 New Study Reveals Mechanism Controlling Root Primordia Initiation during De Novo Root Organogenesis in Arabidopsis
2016-12-19 A new regulatory mechanism for phenylalanine synthesis in plants
2016-11-21 Scientists Develop a Quantitative Proteomics Platform for Revealing Bioactive Mechanism of Natural Products through Activity-based Protein Profiling Strategy

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