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2017-04-26 Seminar Series: Designer Spliceosomes Reveal Interactions at the Active Sites
2017-04-20 Seminar Series: Preparing, Writing and Publishing a Scientific Manuscript: a Pathway for Improved Communication
2017-04-19 Seminar Series: Function and Evolution of DNA Methylome in the Jewel Wasps
2017-04-17 Seminar Series: Formation of Golden Color: the Regulatory Mechanism Underlying Carotenogenesis in Plants
2017-04-17 Seminar Series: The Secrets of Essential Chloroplast Genes: New Link between Chloroplast Protein Import and RNA Metabolism?
2017-04-05 Seminar Series: Gene Regulatory Network Inference Unveils Systems Biology Mechanisms of Fusariumgraminearum Pathogenesis
2016-04-21 Seminar Series(April 29):Divergent pathogen effectors promote virulence by manipulating a transcriptional node of growth-defense crosstalk
2016-04-14 Seminar Series(April 18): Development of Biosensors for Yeast Synthetic Biology
2016-04-14 Seminar Series(April 26): Complex Natural Products from Synthetic Biology
2016-04-14 Seminar Series(April 26): The use of gold-standard genome information to support the development fungal production platforms
2016-04-14 Seminar Series(April 14): Cryo-EM study of proteasome and human lipoproteins
2016-03-09 CEPAMS Interview 2016
2015-12-21 Semianr Series (Dec. 25): How phosphorylation-dephosphorylation regulate K+ deprivation stress signaling in plants?
2015-10-29 Institute Seminar (Oct. 29): Comparative analysis of pathways controlling seasonal flowering in annual and perennial Brassicaceae species
2015-10-09 Institute Seminar (Oct. 9th): Concept and Implementation of Whole-Genome Sequencing

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