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2018-01-12 Seminar: Phytochromes and PIFs: a Yin-Yang relationship drives photomorphogenic development in plants
2017-12-25 Seminar:The application of computational biology in basic research and drug discovery
2017-11-14 Seminar Series: The assembly of cytoophidia
2017-11-10 Seminar: The Biology of Cereal Grain Diseases Caused by the Fungus Fusarium Graminearum
2017-11-09 Seminar Series: Recruitment of chromatin regulators in regulation of plant development
2017-10-31 Seminar Series: Recruitment of Chromatin Regulators in Regulation of Plant Development
2017-10-27 Seminar Series: Closing the Deal: Arabidopsis LORELEI is Required for Pollen Tube Reception by the Female Gametophyte
2017-10-24 Seminar Series: Flower Development : from Morphodynamics to Morphomechanics
2017-10-23 Seminar Series: Orchestrating mRNA Processing in Sex Determination, Neuronal Development and Function
2017-10-20 Institute Seminar: “Disease-Climate-Microbiome” Triangles in plant Disease
2017-10-19 Seminar Series: Regulation of Auxin Homeostasis and Its Applications in Crop Improvement
2017-10-18 Seminar Series: Building and Maintaining Epigenetic Memory in Plants: Insights from FLC
2017-10-18 Seminar Series: Molecular Control and Evolutionary Rewiring of Plant Stem Cell Circuitry
2017-10-18 Seminar Series: Nitrogen Regulation of Root Growth and Development
2017-10-18 Seminar Series: Structure and Function of the UV-B Photoreceptor UVR8

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