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The Core Facility Center has been supported by the MOST, CAS, SIBS, IPPE, and Shanghai government. The Center, with nine technicians, is operated under the supervision of the head of institute and the advisory of the equipment management committee. With cutting-edge equipments and experienced staffs, the Center is able to provide technical services like chemical analyses and imaginations for researchers and graduated students. We welcome all users come to and help it do better use of each machine as well as cooperate with us to develop more novel approaches for advanced research in molecular genetics, cell biology, functional genomics, proteomics and metabolomics.

Zeiss LSM510 META

Olympus FV1000

Hitachi H-7650

Agilent GC6890/MSD5975

Agilent LC1200 /MS Q-TOF6520

Thermo Varioskan flash

Beckman XL-70

Bruker AVANCE III 400MHz

AB 5500 Q-TRAP
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