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CAI Weiming, Ph.D.
Molecular Mechanism of Stress Tolerance of Plants and Space Biology
CHAO Daiyin, Ph.D.
Plant Ionome and Local Adapatation
CHEN Genyun, Ph.D.
Photosynthetic Efficiency and its Regulation
CHEN Xiaoya, Ph.D.
Plant Secondary Metabolism and Cotton Biology
Lab Web:http://sippe.ac.cn/xy
Evangelos TATSIS, Ph.D.
Plant Natural Products Biosynthesis
FANG Yuda, Ph.D.
Cell Nuclei of Living Arabidopsis Plants
GAO Jiping, Ph.D.
Genetic Regulation of Crop Quality
GONG Jiming, Ph.D.
Phytoremediation and Nutrient Uptake
GU Yang, Professor
GUO Fangqing, Ph.D.
Nitric Oxide Signal Transduction and Mechanisms of Senescence in Higher Plants
HAN Bin, Ph.D.
comparative genomics and functional genomics analysis of rice
Lab Web:http://www.ncgr.ac.cn
HE Yuke, Ph.D.
Plant Molecular Genetics
HE Zuhua, Ph.D.
Plant Disease Resistance and Rice Functional Genomics
Lab Web:http://sippe.ac.cn/zuhuahe
HUANG Yongping, Ph.D.
Insect Molecular Genetics
Jeremy Murray, Principal Investigator
Beneficial Plant-Microbe Interaction Research
JIANG Weihong, Ph.D.
Microbial Metabolic Regulation and Enzyme Engineering
LI Laigeng, Ph.D.
Cell Wall Formation and Biomass Biosynthesis Studies
Lab Web:http://sippe.ac.cn/llg
LI Xuan, Ph.D.
LIN Hongxuan, Ph.D.
The Genetics and Functional Genomics of Crop
LING Erjun, Ph.D.
Insect Innate Immunity and Pest Bio-Control
LIU Hongtao, Ph.D.
Light Regulated Development and Light Signal Transduction
Lab Web:http://lht.sippe.ac.cn
LUAN Yunxia, Professor
MI Hualing, Ph.D.
Protein-Protein Interactions in Chloroplasts
MIAO Xuexia, Ph.D.
Plant-Insect Interactions
QIN Zhongjun, Ph.D.
Biology of linear plasmids, genomic tools, microbial drugs
SHEN Shanjiong, Ph.D.
SHEN Yungang, Ph.D.
TAN Anjiang, Professor
TANG Weihua, Ph.D.
Plant-fungal interaction and plant reproductive biology
Lab Web:http://sippe.ac.cn/tangwh
TENG Sheng, Ph.D.
WANG Chengshu, Ph.D.
Fungal molecular biology and fungi-insects molecular interactions
Lab Web:http://sippe.ac.cn/wangcs
WANG Ertao, Ph.D.
Plant-Microbes Symbioses and Related Hormones Signal Transduction
WANG Jiawei, Ph.D.
Small Regulatory RNAs
WANG Sibao, Ph.D.
Insect Host-Microbe Interactions
WANG Yong, Ph.D.
Synthetic Biology for Natural Products Development
Lab Web:http://sippe.ac.cn/wy
WANG Yongfei, Ph.D.
Ion channels and signal transduction in plant cells
WANG Zixuan, Ph.D.
WEN ChiKuang, Ph.D.
Ethylene Signal Transduction
WU Yongrui, Ph.D.
Maize Endosperm Development and Genetic Improvement
Lab Web:http://sippe.ac.cn/wyr
XIAO Han, Ph.D.
Fruit Developmental Biology
XIAO Youli, Ph.D.
Chemical Biology, Enzymology
Lab Web:http://sippe.ac.cn/ylxiao
XIE Fang, Ph.D.
Legume-rhizobium symbiotic nitrogen fixation
XU Lin, Professor
XU Yongzhen, Ph.D.
RNA Splicing and Insect Development
Lab Web:http://sippe.ac.cn/xyz
XU Zhihong, Ph.D.
XUE Hongwei, Ph.D.
Molecular mechanisms of plant hormones and seed development
Lab Web:http://www.plantsignal.cn
YANG Chen, Ph.D.
Microbial Metabolic Engineering and Comparative Genomics
YANG Sheng, Ph.D.
YIN Wenying, Ph.D.
ZHAN Shuai, Ph.D.
Insect Molecular Evolution and Population Genetics
ZHANG Peng, Ph.D.
Structural Biology Group
ZHANG Peng, Ph.D.
Biotechnology for Cassava and Sweetpotato
Tel: 54924096
Lab Web:http://www.cassavabiotech.org
ZHANG Yijing, Ph.D.
Plant Bioinformatics and Functional Epigenomics
ZHAO Guoping,
ZHENG Huiqiong,
ZHOU Zhihua, Ph.D.
Fungal molecular genetics and synthetic biology research group
ZHU Jiankang, Ph.D.
ZHU Xinguang, Ph.D.
Plant Systems Biology Group
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