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CAI Weiming, Ph.D.
Molecular Mechanism of Stress Tolerance of Plants and Space Biology
Tel: 54924248
CHAO Daiyin, Ph.D.
Plant Ionome and Local Adapatation
Tel: 54924337
CHEN Genyun, Ph.D.
Photosynthetic Efficiency and its Regulation
CHEN Xiaoya, Ph.D.
Plant Secondary Metabolism and Cotton Biology
Tel: 54924033
Lab Web:http://sippe.ac.cn/xy
FANG Yuda, Ph.D.
Cell Nuclei of Living Arabidopsis Plants
Tel: 54924296
GAO Jiping, Professor
GONG Jiming, Ph.D.
Phytoremediation and Nutrient Uptake
Tel: 54924036
GU Yang, Professor
GUO Fangqing, Ph.D.
Nitric Oxide Signal Transduction and Mechanisms of Senescence in Higher Plants
Tel: 54924098
HAN Bin, Ph.D.
comparative genomics and functional genomics analysis of rice
Tel: 54971325
Lab Web:http://www.ncgr.ac.cn
HE Yuke, Ph.D.
Plant Molecular Genetics
Tel: 54924111
HE Zuhua, Ph.D.
Plant Disease Resistance and Rice Functional Genomics
Tel: 54924121
Lab Web:http://sippe.ac.cn/zuhuahe
HUANG Hai, Ph.D.
Plant Developmental Biology
Tel: 54924088
HUANG Jirong, Ph.D.
G-protein signaling pathway and chloroplast development
Tel: 54924145
HUANG Yongping, Ph.D.
Insect Molecular Genetics
Tel: 54924047
JIANG Weihong, Ph.D.
Microbial Metabolic Regulation and Enzyme Engineering
Tel: 54924172
LI Laigeng, Ph.D.
Cell Wall Formation and Biomass Biosynthesis Studies
Tel: 54924151
Lab Web:http://sippe.ac.cn/llg
LI Sheng, Ph.D.
Insect developmental Biology and Fruitfly Genetics
Tel: 54924163
LI Xuan, Ph.D.
Tel: 54924305
LIN Hongxuan, Ph.D.
The Genetics and Functional Genomics of Crop
Tel: 54924129
LING Erjun, Ph.D.
Insect Innate Immunity and Pest Bio-Control
Tel: 54924155
LIU Hongtao, Ph.D.
Light Regulated Development and Light Signal Transduction
Tel: 54924291
Lab Web:http://lht.sippe.ac.cn
LU Yinhua, Professor
LUAN Yunxia, Professor
MI Hualing, Ph.D.
Protein-Protein Interactions in Chloroplasts
Tel: 54924135
MIAO Xuexia, Ph.D.
Plant-Insect Interactions
Tel: 54924266
QIN Zhongjun, Ph.D.
Biology of linear plasmids, genomic tools, microbial drugs
Tel: 54924171
SHEN Shanjiong, Ph.D.
SHEN Yungang, Ph.D.

Tel: 54924233
SUN Weining, Ph.D.

Tel: 54924245
TAN Anjiang, Professor
TANG Weihua, Ph.D.
Plant-fungal interaction and plant reproductive biology
Tel: 54924072
Lab Web:http://sippe.ac.cn/tangwh
TENG Sheng, Ph.D.
WANG Chengshu, Ph.D.
Fungal molecular biology and fungi-insects molecular interactions
Tel: 54924157
Lab Web:http://sippe.ac.cn/wangcs
WANG Ertao, Ph.D.
Plant-Microbes Symbioses and Related Hormones Signal Transduction
Tel: 54924081
WANG Jiawei, Ph.D.
Small Regulatory RNAs
Tel: 54924263
WANG Sibao, Ph.D.
Insect Host-Microbe Interactions
Tel: 54924339
WANG Yong, Ph.D.
Synthetic Biology for Natural Products Development
Tel: 54924295
Lab Web:http://sippe.ac.cn/wy
WANG Yongfei, Ph.D.
Ion channels and signal transduction in plant cells
Tel: 54924308
WANG Zixuan, Ph.D.
WEN ChiKuang, Ph.D.
Ethylene Signal Transduction
Tel: 54924090
WU Yongrui, Ph.D.
Maize Endosperm Development and Genetic Improvement
Tel: 54924341
Lab Web:http://sippe.ac.cn/wyr
XIAO Han, Ph.D.
Fruit Developmental Biology
Tel: 54924301
XIAO Youli, Ph.D.
Chemical Biology, Enzymology
Tel: 54924226
Lab Web:http://sippe.ac.cn/ylxiao
XIE Fang, Ph.D.
Legume-rhizobium symbiotic nitrogen fixation
Tel: 54924165
XU Lin, Professor
XU Yongzhen, Ph.D.
RNA Splicing and Insect Development
Tel: 54924298
Lab Web:http://sippe.ac.cn/xyz
XU Zhihong, Ph.D.
XUE Hongwei, Ph.D.
Molecular mechanisms of plant hormones and seed development
Tel: 54924059
Lab Web:http://www.plantsignal.cn
YANG Chen, Ph.D.
Microbial Metabolic Engineering and Comparative Genomics
Tel: 54924152
YANG Sheng, Ph.D.
YIN Wenying, Ph.D.

Tel: 54924181
ZHAN Shuai, Ph.D.
Insect Molecular Evolution and Population Genetics
ZHANG Hongxia, Ph.D.
Engineering Salt Tolerant Plants
Tel: 54924705
ZHANG Peng, Ph.D.
Structural Biology Group
Tel: 54924219
ZHANG Peng, Ph.D.
Biotechnology for Cassava and Sweetpotato
Tel: 54924096
Lab Web:http://www.cassavabiotech.org
ZHANG Yijing, Ph.D.
Plant Bioinformatics and Functional Epigenomics
Tel: 54924333
ZHAO Guoping,

Tel: 54924002
ZHAO Yang, Ph.D.
Chemical Genetics
Tel: 54924325
Lab Web:http://www.chemogenlib.org
ZHENG Huiqiong,

Tel: 54924243
ZHOU Zhihua, Ph.D.
Fungal molecular genetics and synthetic biology research group
Tel: 54924050
ZHU Jiankang, Ph.D.
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