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  4-14  Analysis of ta-siRNA-targeted Genes Reveals a Novel Molecular Mechanisms of Plant Thermotolerance
  4-04  Scientists Reveal Interaction between Two Plant Timing MicroRNAs
  3-20  Scientists Uncover Novel Negative Feedback Loop in Sugar-ABA Cascade in Plants
  3-20  New Study Reveals Mechanism Guiding De Novo Root Organogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana
  3-17  Production of Bioactive Ginsenoside Compound K in Metabolically Engineered Yeast

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Liu JC**, Sheng LH**, Xu YQ**, Li JQ, Yang ZN, Huang H and Xu L*. (2014) WOX11 and 12 are involved the first-step cell fate transition during de novo root organogenesis in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell. doi: 10.1105/tpc.114.122887

  4-21 JIPB Workshop on Scientific Writing 2014 (First announcement)
  2-28 Plant Genetics and Development Forum (Feb 28) ---- From membrane transporter to cancer cell survival: how much do we really know about glutamine?
  10-13 The 10th Solanaceae Conference(10-13)--Genome versus Phenome
  7-18 The 14th SCBA International Symposium Program(July 18-22, 2013)
  7-16 Summer Course & International Symposium of Plant Reproductive Development
  11-04 The Tenth International Conference on “Plant Biology Frontiers: Development and Environment”
  10-27 2012 Pollen Biology International Symposium and Workshop
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