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Highlights of Achievements
CAS researchers combine CRISPR/Cas9 system and germinivirus for homology-directed repair in rice
CAS scientists apply CRISPR-Cpf1, a new class 2 CRISPR system, for multiplex gene editing in rice
National Key Laboratory of Plant Molecular Genetics
National Center of Plant Gene Research (Shanghai)
National Center for Gene Research, CAS
Key Laboratory of Synthetic Biology, CAS
Key Laboratory of Insect Developmental and Evolutionary Biology, CAS
  CAS-Shanghai Entomological museum
Laboratory of Photosynthesis and Environmental Biology
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Centre of Excellence for Plant and Microbial Sciences (CEPAMS)
CEPAMS Group Leader Positions
Associate/Assistant Professor positions available in Dr. Yongping Huang’s labs
Recent Publications
Zhang L#, Yu H#, Ma B, Liu GF, Wang JJ, Wang JM, Gao RC, Li JJ, Liu JY, Xu J, Zhang YY, Li Q, Huang XH, Xu JL, Li JM, Qian Q, Han B, He ZH*, Li JY*. (2017) A Natural Tandem Array Alleviates Epigenetic Repression of IPA1 and Leads to Superior Yielding Rice. Nature Communications. doi: 10.1038/ncomms14789

Bao ZH, Qi XF, Hong S, Xu K, He FY, Zhang MH, Chen JG,Chao DY, Zhao W, Li DF, Wang JW*, Zhang P*. (2017) Structure and mechanism of a group-I cobalt energy coupling factor transporter. Cell Res. doi:10.1038/cr.2017.38

Yan QQ, Xia X, Sun ZF, Fang YD*. (2017) Depletion of Arabidopsis SC35 and SC35-like serine/arginine-rich proteins affects the transcription and splicing of a subset of genes. PLoS Genet. 13(3):e1006663.

Chen ST, He NY, Chen JH and Guo FQ*. (2017) Identification of Core Subunits of Photosystem II as Action Sites of HSP21 That Is Activated by the GUN5-Mediated Retrograde Pathway in Arabidopsis. Plant J. 89(6):1106-1118.

Xu J, Chen SQ, Zeng BS, James AA, Tan AJ*, Huang YP*. (2017) Bombyx mori P-element Somatic Inhibitor (BmPSI) Is a Key Auxiliary Factor for Silkworm Male Sex Determination. PLoS Genet. 13(1):e1006576.

Lei C, Li SY, Liu JK, Zheng X, Zhao GP, Wang J*. (2017) The CCTL (Cpf1-assisted Cutting and Taq DNA ligase-assisted Ligation) method for efficient editing of large DNA constructs in vitro. Nucleic Acids Res. doi:org/10.1093/nar/gkx018

Seminar Series(April 29):Divergent pathogen effectors promote virulence by manipulating a transcriptional node of growth-defense crosstalk
Seminar Series(April 18): Development of Biosensors for Yeast Synthetic Biology
Seminar Series(April 26): Complex Natural Products from Synthetic Biology
Seminar Series(April 26): The use of gold-standard genome information to support the development fungal production platforms
Gordon Research Conferences: Posttranslational Modification Networks

Froniters of Plant Biology: Epigenetics& Development(Suzhou, June8-12, 2015)

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