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Highlights of Achievements
Improvement of pristinamycin production in bacterium by combinatorial metabolic engineering
Study reveals the structure and mechanism of a pantothenate ECF transporter
National Key Laboratory of Plant Molecular Genetics
National Center of Plant Gene Research (Shanghai)
National Center for Gene Research, CAS
Key Laboratory of Synthetic Biology, CAS
Key Laboratory of Insect Developmental and Evolutionary Biology, CAS
  -- Shanghai Entomological Museum
Laboratory of Photosynthesis and Environmental Biology
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Postdoc Positions Available in CAS Key Lab of Synthetic Biology
A post-doctoral position available in Dr. Yongping Huang’s lab
A post-doctoral position available in Dr. Yongping Huang’s lab
Representative Publications
Li L, Zhao YW, Ruan LJ, Yang S, Ge M, Jiang WH*, Lu YH*. (2015) A stepwise increase in pristinamycin II biosynthesis by Streptomyces pristinaespiralis through combinatorial metabolic engineering. Metab Eng. doi: 10.1016/j.ymben.2015.02.001

Huang XH**, Yang SH**, Gong JY**, Zhao Y**, Feng Q, Gong H, Li WJ, Zhan QL, Cheng BY, Xia JH, Chen N, Hao ZN, Liu KY, Zhu CR, Huang T, Zhao Q , Zhang L, Fan DL, Zhou CC, Lu YQ, Weng QJ, Wang ZX, Li JY, Han B*. (2015) Genomic analysis of hybrid rice varieties reveals numerous superior alleles that contribute to heterosis. Nature Commun. 6:6258

Zhang TQ, Lian H, Tang H, Dolezal K, Zhou CM, Yu S, Chen JH, Chen Q, Liu H, Ljung K, and Wang JW*. (2015) An Intrinsic MicroRNA Timer Regulates Progressive Decline in Shoot Regenerative Capacity in Plants. Plant Cell. doi:10.1105/tpc.114.135186

Sun Z, Chen YX, Yang C, Yang S, Gu Y*, Jiang WH*. (2015) A novel three-component system-based regulatory model for d-xylose sensing and transport in Clostridium beijerinckii. Mol Microbiol. 95(4):576-589.

Weng L, Zhao FF, Li R, Xu CJ, Chen KS, Xiao H*. (2015) The Zinc Finger Transcription Factor SlZFP2 Negatively Regulates Abscisic Acid Biosynthesis and Fruit Ripening in Tomato. Plant Physiol. 167(3):931-949.

JIPB Workshop on Scientific Writing 2014 (First announcement)
Plant Genetics and Development Forum (Feb 28) ---- From membrane transporter to cancer cell survival: how much do we really know about glutamine?
The 10th Solanaceae Conference(10-13)--Genome versus Phenome
The 14th SCBA International Symposium Program(July 18-22, 2013)
The First Announcement of Scientific Reasoning and Logic, a Featured Mini-course by Dr. Sheila McCormick

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